fmgVen is my open source (SourceForge link) convention over configuration Java ORM tool. It is an alternative to heavyweight ORM tools (yes, I mean Hibernate), where mapping needs configuration, and you have to deal with lazy loading issues, etc. It maps java domain objects to database tables without explicit mapping configuration. It makes data access straightforward, simple and lightweight. It is an advanced form of Spring JdbcTemplate/RowMapper. Think of it as Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord but instead of inferring data objects from database, fmgVen auto maps java objects to database tables.

It is basically;

  • Convention over Configuration ORM
  • No Select N+1 
  • Simple
  • Lightweight

With fmgVen, you don't have to think about DAO layer, it just works. It is especially very suitable for proof of concept phase of your project, until you get a minimal viable product. I use it in all of my projects.

For source code and documentation, visit the fmgVen project home