This web site is currently running on PragmaCMS. It is aimed to be a lightweight alternative to mainstream PHP CMS/blogging platforms like Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress. Instead of very complex features, when we need only a simple CMS system to serve static pages using a nice template. It falls somewhere between a wiki and a blog. Works on Java (Spring) and PostgreSQL.

It has all started while looking for a good CMS to host my personal web site. I don't like any of the alternatives. I read tons of Joomla vs Drupal articles, tested Drupal, but did not like any of them. They have a particular way of doing things, but if it doesn't fit me, you have to change the template, codes, etc. Wordpress is the closest choice, but it is still PHP and it does not support PostgreSQL. Moreover, they are not lightweight. I just want a simple, easy, light, decent looking CMS. I was hardly resisting the urge to use trac wiki as my web site. I could not resist the urge to make a simple CMS software myself, though.


Very simple web CMS, with full control over the content, use any template you want.

Here is a 5 min video describing how it works. You can signup here, it's free!